Born and raised in Germany‘s small town Gera, Dana Ruh soon found her way to the capital city of Berlin. Besides her daytime job she got herself into the beat and sound of its vibrating music scene and started her steadily rising career as a DJ in 2005.
Since then she experimented with Electronica, House and Techno to find her own incomparable sound. However, it was not only her DJing which got her into bigger venues more and more but also her musical output as a producer led her to regular releases on labels like Einmaleins Musik and Ripperton's Perspectiv Records. She also contributed remixes to the Swiss label Mina Records, the Danish Connect Four and the American imprint Clink Records. This brought Dana wider attention in the European and overseas Techno market and strengthened her name as a German artist, a fact which could not be disregarded from that point on.

In 2007 Dana founded her own record label Brouqade, together with a friend. The two ladies intended to devote their long-time experience within the field of DJing, producing tracks and the urban nightlife completely to the release of electronic music in the sound spectrum of Techno and House. Brouqade Records also features videos of their artists' tracks, which have been well recognized on respective video platforms.

Her own musical development ushered her to new collaborations with well-known DJs. In 2010, she produced some tracks together with Cocoon's André Galluzzi for Ostgut Ton in Berlin. The EP "Mauersegler" cracked dancefloors worldwide and tracks from that EP can be found on different compilations. Starting from this work, the two artists created their own record label Aras in early 2011 in order to create a platform for their productive liaison and to support new talents.

However, Dana still explores musical possibilities in her studio with her machines, in order to continue her solo work. While evolving new sounds and tracks, Dana Ruh hit some spectacular signings with Ben Watt's Buzzin' Fly and put a track on a Various Artists compilation on Crosstown Rebels. Besides that, there will also be some own new releases on Aras and Brouqade.