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A1: I don't write love songs

A2: I don't write love songs
( Alejandro Vivanco Remix)

B1: Finale

B2: Finale ( Dana Ruh Remix)


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Oshana's first EP release with Brouqade is reminiscent of summer and good times past. REMINISCE opens with the soulful monologue,
"I don't write love songs". A rhythmical gem is transformed into a colorful crescendo of evolving synth notes and chugging percussion. An enchanting love story transcends the limits of time beyond the seasons to come.
Wiping away the melancholy, Alejandro Vivanco builds his Remix around an organic bassline core - patient and to the point.
The emotional finale of the EP begins with pads which take hold of you while the percussion leads you on an endless journey. The deep house groove of this track is bound to demand the attention of house lovers and techno fanatics alike.
The complex rhythmic structure of Dana Ruh's remix punctuates the sultry atmosphere, created straight for the dance floor!